About the project

We've started working on UORPG.net in June 2008. At this very moment UORPG.net is open beta test and everyone is welcome to play here.


1) Stability and continuity. All major alterations are very well thought out and in doubtful cases they are canceled. Scheduled wipes (mass removal of characters and / or game assets) are excluded. Partial wipes are possible only in special cases, when this is the only way to normalize the economy or introduce some innovation, and only after careful consideration. The Staff of UORPG dont add random people. To become an employee of staff, who will have a theoretical opportunity to conduct frauds in the game, you need to have full confidence from the leadership of the project and have the experience of helping the shard. 

2) UORPG project is not designed to make a profit. The game on our server is completely free. But if you want to support the project, there is an option to make voluntary donation.

3) Versatility. The project is made in such way - that each player could find something interesting for him. It can be role-playing game, questing, and for those who like to fight with players or monsters. The orientation of the shard can be most accurately described as: PvP / PvE.


1) UORPG.net stands on a solid storyline. The world where the character appears has its own history, its gods and heroes, as well as its destiny, which partly depends on you. Already at the start of the game you have to choose the side on which you will fight and which you will lead to victory. All serious quests have a connection to the plot and unite it into a single whole.

2) The basis of the character development is a system of classes and levels. Class defines character's path in which it will be develop, level - limit of it's skills and stats, характерных для определенного класса. The class defines the orientation of the character level - the limit values ​​and skills specific to a particular class. You can gain experience by killing another characters, which are controlled by the server scripts, crafting,  completeing of quests, also you can gain some experience for harvesting resources.

3) Leveling your character goes pretty fast at first, but later it's getting slowed down. It's planned so that, on the one hand, it'll be attractive for a beginner, but on the other hand, to give any player the goal to which he can aspire to. In order to fully participate in PvP, you'd  play on the server at least a few days or even several weeks.

4) The server uses the classic UO Renaissance client, specially adapted for the plot of the shard.

5) The world on our server is divided into two projections - peaceful one, where player can't kill each other and the battle one - the pvp projection. You can find more information about this topic in the corresponding section.

6) The server was using the SphereServer 0.56b emulator until May 28, 2016, from this date, we are using our own UORPG Server emulator in C #.

7) You are able to play on UORPG.net with High Seas Ultima Online client.

8) Character transfer from another servers is not allowed, we consider it unfair to our players. However we're made an environment for beginners where they can comfortably start and develop themselves.

9) You can find all the useful info about harvesting, crafting, loot, magic and combat on our website.

10) This server is made neither as a classic  UO server style, neither as a standard SphereServer emulator. This server has it's own style - UORPG.net style, which you will find nowhere else.

A brief history

13.06.2008 - decision to start the project.
31.07.2008 - launching of the forum.
01.10.2008 - launching of the website.
28.08.2009 - launching semi-open testing.
14.03.2010 - launching an open testing.
23.07.2010 - Server updated to version 0.3 Beta.
01.07.2011 - Server updated to version 0.6 Beta 2.

... the chronology of important events was not recorded.

28.05.2016 - Server transition to the new platform UORPG II. Server emulator: UORPG Server.

          Project leader, Wap.