To compensate the cost of equipment, hosting, advertising, and other administration costs, we accept donations from our players. In return for their financial support to the project, players receive a reward in the form of an in-game special currency: gods stones (gs). Gods stones rate of exhange can be seen below:

0.01 EUR = 1gs

Donations are accepted via WebMoney (WME, WMZ, WMR, WMU), also as Yandex Money or through PayPal (money transfer has to be completed to receive your gs).
Popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash etc. also can be accepted.

Attention! For an occasional donation of 20 EUR or more (or the equivalent amount in other currencies) you'll get 10% more gods stones!

When transferring money in other currencies than EUR, the exchange rate will be defined by the rate of that currency has to the euro when you will be receiving your gs, or the rate agreed before the transfer of money (this may be useful if the player hopes to get a well-defined amount of gs).
We're converting currencies using Google, calculators:
RUR EUR to USD (and WMZ);
USD EUR for Russian rubles (and WMR);
GBP EUR to British Pounds.

If you wish to make a donation, you must have a registered account on the forum and write a personal message to Wap.

Information about gods stones (gs) is available at the Shard Features page.

Attention! Financial aid to the server is strictly voluntary and should not be considered as a direct purchase of gs. Gods stones is only a volunteer award from the administration server for the help. The administration of the server has the right to revise the procedure for issuing of gs at any time or to refuse issuing of the gs without any explanation.

Note: donations are issued only as gods stones. All other game valuables can be bought for gods stones in-game (if possible). Do not ask the administration to reward you in any other way than gods stones (you will be denied anyway.)
Note that you can buy any in-game valuables(including the characters) from other players with gs.