Event schedule

Winter schelude is active at the moment. Servers time, UTC +2 (Latvia, Ukraine).

16:25 -Gladiators Arena;
20:00 - Team Tournament;
Siege of a Capital- in 3 minutes after Team Tournament ends (War/Peace proection rotation)

19:00 - Frozen River;

18:50 - Championship 1х1, one class (rotation)

18:50 - Championship 1х1, one class (rotation)

19:00 - Hell Fire (beta, can be canceled, if noone from administration members are online)

19:00 -  Frozen River

19:00 - Championship 2х2

19:00 - Championship 3х3 (same format has Grand-championships)

Team Tournament


Daily tournament in given equipment. Two teams fight each other and than winner team splits to fight between each other. This continues till two champions remains.

Players receive all neccessary equipment. Skills and parametrs are granted depending on class but not on level of character that entered event.

1) Odd player is placed to reserve in the first round. And than either goes directly to next round or leaves event with one round winner reward.
2) Amount of players in second round is set to be equaly devided by 2x2. And Because of this a lot of players that lose in the first round participate in second. But they lose even there they leave event with no rewards.

Players of the winner team receive:
1) Robe of Team Tournament Winner.
2) 50.0000 gold.
3) 50.000 experience.
4) 250 fame.


Frozen River


Capture the flag Event.

Players are divided into two teams. Event goal - to steal enemy's flag and to bring in to your base.

Frozen river is automatic PvP event. Anyone can enter it for free regardless class or level. You'll get equipments and parameters sutable for the event after you enter portal. And at the end character will be returned to Altair as it was before.

Goal and features:

Players are devided into 2 teams(splitting to the team is processed randomly) - Red and Blue.
Main goal - rush to enemy base, get the flag and take back to your base. For the successfull run team gets the score and player them made it gets flag delivery score. Flag cann't be scored when your flag is stolen. So before scoring enemy flag your flag should be returned. Kill player with a flag and step onto it to return it and get Return score.
Character automaticaly spawns in preparation room after the death. And after 30 seconds of waiting you may return to the fight through special gate.

- Except Returns and Scores players gets scores for the kills and death. This may be seen using .score command.
- Gate is opened for 10 minutes in Altair.
- Teams are always devided into even number of players so the last odd player is dropped from the tournament. - Event continues for 30 minutes. Team that scores 5 flags or more flags in 30 minutes wins.


Special features:
During the event player can get equipment by stepping on it. There is special artefacts that an benefit player and his team.

Artefacts and features:

Artefact of Force Leap helps overcome obstacles.
Artefact of Force pull helps to pull objects.
Artefact of Force Push pushes everyone away.


Artefact of Explosion Trap placed on the ground creates explosion trap.
Artefact of Knock Down Trap placed on the ground knockes down enemy forces him to drop the flag.

Artefact of Spider Trap creates unpassable net.

Rewards: Players receive Badges of Frost as a reward for the participance at the Frozen River.
Victory gives 5 Badges of Frost
Draw gives 3 Badges of Frost.
Lose grants 1 Bage of Frost
Badges of Frost can be exganged for the rare jewelry in Zaira shop. More...

- .score - displays event status. Estimate time and player scores.
- .report_afk will report player been afk and may apply automatic punishment.
- .quit refuse to take part and leave to Altair.

Two Strongholds


Concept of this Event is almost the same as "Capture the Flag" Event, the difference is that each teams has many flags.

Players must steal food on enemys base (must be mounted on wolf). Each team must defend their food from stealing.

Event is made on new setting: Armor and Mount are given, fights are more like PvP in open World.

—  equipment and mounts are given;
—  2 teams, 2 bases(strongholds), +50 regen hits/s inside internal wall for defenders;
—  Goal: steal enemys Magic Food and don't let them steal yours;
—  each castle has 20 peaces of Magic Food;
—  to steal food you need wolf. There are a few wolves in forest near the castle;
—   Wolf steals enemy's Magic Food when you come close to it and gets the color of it;
—  food should be delivered to hame stronghold;
—  successfull delivery gives a point to your team and wolf gets his rest;
—  if you return painted wolf to your throne hall it'll return Magic Food to it's place and wolf now becomes white;
—  win a team, stealed more food, team will instanly win if the points difference is 7;
—  there are power artifacts in the fortifications at the centre of the arena:
        —  Cloak of Damage +100% damage;
        —  Cloak of Defence +100% defence;
        —  Cloak of Aura Damage +40% damage to all allies in 12 radius;
        —  Cloak of Aura Defence +40% defence to all allies in 12 radius;
—  command .score can be used to get statistics;
— consumables can be found in the fortifications and forest.

Hellfire Event


It's one of most complex event at the moments.

This is PvE with addition of PvP and some chaos.

You fight in one of four teams against daemons and other players. But suddenly your enemy can become your ally...

The main goal of the player on this event is to get as much points as someone could.
You may check your points status, kills and deaths using ".score" command.


- You can get points by:
1. Damaging monsters. Stronger moster is - more points to get. 2. Killing players will grant you 25% of point of the killed player if he was in standart ammunition. Or 40% of points if victim purchased any colored cloths.
Leaders are marked with colored balls above. Here they are in descending order:
1) Red;
2) Orange
3) Yellow
4) Green;
Also you get consumables and bottle of invisibility potion for the player killing.

- You can lose points by:
1. Dieing from monsters you lose 3% of your points.
2. Dieing from players you lose 35% of your points.
3. Buying stuff in the store. You can visit it by talking to Devil at the base or using command ".store". All the purchased cloths are equipped automaticaly.
4. Being on the base for a long time you'll start losing your points.


How event is working:
- Gathering at the preparation room for a 10 minutes.
- Team splitting.
If there are 23 players and less two teams are created. If there are 24-31 player it'lll create three teams, and in case of 32 and more players four teams will be created. - Event is divided into three rounds:
1. First round is 10 minutes. You should destroy guard crystal to enter main arena with huge and mighty monsters.
2. Second round is also 10 minutes long. All the teams are mixed depending on how much points players got.
3. Third round is 15 minutes long. There is another players mix. Only two last bosses left in the arena with their guards.
When it's 5 minutes left to the end all the teams are mixed once again but without returning to base.

First two rounds - bosses are protected with powerfull magic and they couldn't be attacked. But boss himself can attack players.
In the third round your damage points are multiplied by 8 when hiting boss.

Gladiators Arena


FFA event where one player can attack any other. Players more likely to unite into groups according to personal interests.
Standart tournament equipments is given automaticaly as well as skills and paraments are granted depending on the class.
One that survives wins the tournament.

Gladiators arena is the oldest automatic event on UORPG. This is the only FFA style event. This leads to friends or guilds cooperations to kill other players and share prize pool. There is no use to argue on cooperation it's a feature of the event. Remember who teamed up and killed you last time and try to do the same next time. Use your diplomacy and team skill to win here.
Special features:

1) You get consumables for killing other players.
2) Colored spots appear on the arena. Stepping on them will give you part of valueable equipment.
3) Bear of Justice add chaos to the battle. They spawns where lot of players fight. Bears don't attack players that a chased by two or more gladiators.

Players who take the first 3 places receive an award:

Player Prize
1 Sash of Gladiator, 300 fame, 75000 experience, 75к gold, prize stone and special statue
2 200 fame, 50000 experience and 50к gold
3 100 fame, 30000 experience and 25к gold

Siege of the Capital


Daily mass PvP Event. One day the event is held in Peace Proection , the other one - in War Proection.

You can use "/foxy crystal" command in Discord on main channel to see infos about Event.

This event starts every day after the Team Tournament. Siege crystal appears behind the bridge of a capital(Quintar, Capital of the Empre or Aiventis, Capital of The Shadows). One day the event is held in Peace Proection , the other one - in War Proection.

Crystall defenders - defend crystall at all costs till the end of the hour.
Crystall attackters - destroy the crystall before hour ends.

Renegades participate in the event with one of the side.
At the start of the siege Renegades are on the attackters side. But when crystal loses half of it's life they betray their alies and joins defenders side.
Renegades victory - succesful crystal defence but after it've lost half of it's life.

Features of the event:
Crystal spawns at the perviously defeated capital. winners receive their prizes if 50 tile range of the crysal location that is marked with a flags. In the guard zone prize is given only on the bridge.

Apron of Force, gold, fame, war points (5 for the victory and 3 when you lose).

Guard Posts


The most frequent reason for guilds to fight is capturing Guard Posts. This possibility opens each several hours.

It may be dangerous to come capture guard post if you are not a guild member or PvP party.
There is no guard zone and you may run away only by foot or recall spell so event is kind a hardcore.

There are 12 guard posts in the world. Each of them is controlled by one of the combat groups and sometimes guild. Some guards patrol the guard post but it's highly doubt that they can help a player.

There is a schedule when to start guard post capturing. When time comes guard post owners should defend it and enemies will try to capture it and subdue to it's faction. At this moments each member of definite side in the war will receive a message about guard post attack. Attacking players should destroy crystal in order to capture guard post.
Players can start to capture guard overriding schedule using Drum of War. It can be found in loot of all bosses in war projection. Drum of War cann't be used while other events are going.

It worth noting that crystal can be attacked by other guild of the same faction. Guild war mode is tunrned on in the guard post zone so players from the same faction can attack and kill you without warning you. Command . attacknext also will work on any member of other guild (if you a member of any guild right now).

Guard post belongs to a faction or a guild whos members dealed more damage to a crystal after it was destroyed. All players receive message about this occasion. Players receive fame and access to guard post chest as a prize for the crystal destruction. This chest contains gold, treasure maps, Ring of Guard Post Commandant. And there also can be rare loot like Talisman of Tracking Avoidance.

Battle takes it place in war projection. All players travels to the guard post on their own using their own cloths. There work standart battle rules as well as player loses all his stuff after death.

For more information you may use .guardposts command or open "Guard Posts" item in help menu.

Kings Hill


Who is the King of the Hill?

Most Hardcore Event on the server. Two guilds challanging each other 5x5 players. You wear your personal equipment. Event is with full Loot.

It's players who decide when to start a fight. Guild can make a call that they are the best guild at the server at Zaira trader on the market of Altair.
When the call is accepted battle at Kings Hill starts in five minutes. The goal of the event is to capture the Hill - a square at arena centre. Controling it gives points.
Winner receives 20 guild points and loser losts the same amount. All the loot is also a prize for the winner.
There is no exit from the arena except a Recall spell.
Only five members from one guild can be at the arena the same time. There can be replacement for one who left it but not earlier than three minutes after it become less than five guild member participating in battle.