It's profitable!

1) Do not miss the automatic events with items given by server! At the Team Tournament, you can earn good gold and experience in few minutes. Also you can get robe for character leveling. In such events as Frozen River, Two Strongholds and HellFire you can earn special awards, which other players will buy them from you for good price.
On the Events with given items you DONT NEED ANYTHING - character level will raised to 12 for all players, also skills will be maximum for your class.
Championships and Gladiator Arena can be ignored at first for new players, theese Events are for a teams, so you should be more experienced to fight alone against few players.

2) Referal System.
Each account has its own referal link, sort of
where "myaccount" means your actual account name.
If new player who was not playing on our server before - will join it, using your referal link, he will bind to you by the referal system. When he will level up his character, you will get referal points for that (by the formula: gained_level*gained_level). You will get bonuses if player who used your referal link has instant IP adress.
This is how you can get bonuses - inviting new players to the server.
Referal points can be exchanged to gold coins or gods stones. Click help menu, referal system ingame - to see more infos about Referal system.