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Update 11/12/2023

1) Now, in addition to the automatic appearance of the bosses, the altar can also be filled with experience in the war projection; a message about this is written to all players.
2) The Altar of Elder Priest of Undeads now requires 250k experience instead of 1kk. Loot has been updated, shroud will drop less frequently, and there is a small chance to drop King's of Dead Book. The boss now always drops a piece of Magic Bone, Ancient Magic jewel, potions.
3) Ice Fiend Altar now requires 400k experience instead of 1kk. Boss artifact drop chance has been reduced.
4) One vulnerability in the boss Asmodisaar has been rebalanced.
5) Several bugs have been fixed.
6) Due to balance issues and poor development, guards of special classes will no longer appear: paladin, assassin, vampire.

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Relic jewels (11/04/2023)

Relic jewelry appeared in the world - a logical evolution of Ancient Magic jewelry. They drop only in the war projection from any mob, on average one item per 1kk of base experience (the same probability as the drum of war, but without increasing it for bosses). Unlike Ancient Magic:
1) The base gives 16 (instead of 12) protection from magic, 4 (instead of 3) necro strength, 6.0 (instead of 5.0) Necromancy.
2) Three random stats +7 (instead of +5).
3) Five random skills +6.0 (instead of +5.0).
4) Added to the list of skills: Healing, Resisting Spells, Parrying, Poisoning, Spirit Speak. Wrestling skill removed.
Since Poisoning can now be raised, it has been added that Paralyze Poison can only be used by Assassins. Earrings give a double bonus (two stones).

Jewelry reform (11/01/2023)

1) The bonus to magic defence from enchanting jewelry is now half the plus value. For the case of odd enchantment, half points of magical protection have been introduced.
2) Improved of Frost jewels:
- of Berserking  now gives life regeneration (instead of stamina), 15 dexterity (<- 10), 20 magic defence (<- 15);
- of Wizardry adds 20 magic defence (instead of 15);
- of Defence 22 magic defence (instead of 20).
3) Sky Mustang is added to Reinar's store for 399 gods stones.
4) Returned the 45 magic defence for Divine Platemail set, as it was until August 2023.
5) The base bonus to magic defence for all gems, except Ruby, as well as Ancient jewels, is increased by 2. For Ruby, it is increased by 1. An increase of 2 makes the magic protection equal to what it was before the changes when wearing +5 jewelry.

Update of top bosses and passes to them (10/28/2023)

1) Adventurer Leonid has appeared in Minoc, with quests that are an alternative way to obtain Stone of Forgotten Power and Ball of Augur (passes to top bosses).
2) The boss Lord Baldura has been significantly updated. It has become more difficult, but the probability of a special drop is now 100%. Undead runes now provide a 50% bonus to damage against this boss.
3) The Asmodisaar boss has been slightly updated to make it more difficult.
4) Fixed that some artifacts were not created with the durability that was intended.
5) It has been fixed that experience for crafting some new artifacts was not given; experience for crafting some rare artifacts has been increased.
6) Stone of Forgotten Power in the quest for forging Holy has been replaced with Ice Throne.
7) The server switched to winter time and the winter schedule of events has been activated. Thus, in the countries where was time transfer the events will take place one hour earlier, and in countries where this did not happen, the time of the events will not change.
8) Corrected the clock lag on the server. Now events will be launched without delay.

Item balancing (10/24/2023)

1) With Vampire Rage active, when hitting a player, the Scythe's damage will be considered 110, instead of 125.
2) The following sets of standard artifacts have been nerfed:
- Chaos and Darkness sets for 20 dexterity and 20 armor;
- Order set for 10 dexterity and 10 armor;
- Fire and Energy sets for 5 magic defence and 10 armor.
3) Improved caster robes from top bosses:
- in the peace projection and in Blessed they will add 0.2 desintoxication and 2% bonus damage to mobs;
- in the war projection (not Blessed) they will add another 1.0 desintoxication.
4) Holy Ringmail and Chainmail sets will give 0.8 desintoxication (Platemail has 0.5 left).
5) Legendary sets will give 60 magic defence instead of 40.
6) Bonuses for desintoxication of the following items have been increased:
- Divine Shield: 1.0 -> 1.5;
- Mantle of Fanatic Priest: 0.2 -> 0.3 (in the war projection, not Blessed);
- Hat of Fanatic: 0.1 -> 0.2 (in the war projection, not Blessed);
- Fanatic Belt: 0.2 -> 0.3 (in the war projection, not Blessed).
7) Several bugs have been fixed.

Update 10/17/2023

1) The ban on opening gates and doors of houses while in battle has been removed.
2) The new system of breaking items upon death in PvP is widespread to jewelry: from 1 to a third of charges can be lost if there are 5 or more of them.
3) Field dispellers have been removed from the Blue Moongates in the forests.

Update 10/15/2023

1) Reduced prices for Blessed items and their sets in Reinar’s store.
2) The damage bonus for Holy sets has been increased to 8% for Ringmail and 5% for Platemail and Chainmail.
3) Hellfire Zostrich will give 25% instead of 20% Magery.
4) The weight of the reagents has been halved.
5) Painting a cloak in the guild is now available if you have a current rating of 50.
That is, either or. If the rating is 50 - available, if it falls below 50 - unavailable. If 3000 points, then it is available in any case (as it was).
6) The dispel effect from weapons has been removed from the new guards in Aiventis.
7) Recipes relaunched in October have had “New” removed from their names. Let me remind you that at the end of the year the old recipes for Sword of Dragon Hunter will be removed from the game.
8) Infernal Terror will not have the necromancer summoner ability from Lord Baldura.
9) Several bugs have been fixed.

New Season 2023/2024

1) Autumn event has just began. There is a chance to spawn mini boss - Inferno Terror, after killing any mob. It's drop contains parts from the new Furion sets, rare animals and other valuables.
Furion Platemail set gives 14% damage bonus, 14/24/14 magic defenсe, 40 dexterity, 4 life and mana regeneration and 0.4 detoxification.
Furion Chainmail & Ringmail sets provide 14% damage bonus, 14/24/14 magic defenсe, 33 dexterity, 3 life and mana regeneration and 0.3 detoxification.
The new set is an evolution of the Fury set, giving more armor and magic protection, and also has 40 durability.
Brown Zostrich (dropped by Inferno Terror) gives 40 Dexterity, 7 Magic Force, and 20 Energy Def.
Another animal that drops very rarely gives 50 Dexterity, 20 Strength and 30 Magery.
2) Any player can get one month of Premium account for free for one character. Details on forum.
3) On September 29th, the game files were updated. You need to download the update and unpack it into the Ultima folder. PvP patches will be lost and will need to be reinstalled.
4) As part of the update, the city of Aiventis was rebuilt - it is the city of magicians, the capital of the Shadows and one of the two capitals of the Chaos alliance.
Among other things, there is now a secret passage in the city leading to the cemetery.
5) In accordance with the July decision, old recipes for some artifacts were removed from the game and replaced with checks of gold.
6) Several bugs and shortcomings have been fixed; for Lord Baldura they now give 500k, and for Asmodisaar - 1kk experience.
7) After the re-release of the recipes in the war projection of the world, the corresponding artifacts were improved.

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File Update: New Aiventis (09/29/2023)

Client files updated. All players need to download the archive and unpack it into the game folder.
In the update, the city of Aiventis was rebuilt - it is the city of magicians, the capital of the Shadows and one of the two capitals of the Chaos alliance.

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Update 09/27/2023

Changed the breakdown system on death in PvP:
1) Any item loses from 10 to a third of its current durability, but there are a few exceptions.
2) An item with durability of 10 or less loses from 5 to 10 durability.
3) An item cannot break immediately if its durability is greater than 10.
4) Blessed items, as before, lose 5 durability.
5) Breakage of jewelry and talismans has not changed.

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Update 09/26/2023

1) The respawn of all mobs in Newbie Dungeon has been accelerated three times.
2) The Paroxysmus boss will always drop a Legendary deposit or a piece of Ancient Warrior armor.
3) Fixed a bug that male vendors sometimes wore women's clothing and vice versa.

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Update 09/24/2023 - Rise of Holy

1) Holy Platemail and Chainmail sets have been given a bonus of 30 dexterity and 3% damage.
2) Holy Ringmail set added 6% damage bonus.
3) Prices for ready-made Holy sets from Reinar have been significantly reduced.
4) Lord of Vampire and Pyromancer artifacts are prohibited during a siege in a peaceful projection of the world.
5) The indicators will look the same as before when the action ends.

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Update 09/20/2023

1) Work has been done to improve the localization of system messages and mob text. Localization of replicas now works at the observer level, that is, players will see the mob’s replica in their own language.
2) The code for the action indicator system has been rewritten. Added update speed of 0.1s. The rest is a technical update; the way the system works for the player should not change.

If you encounter any bugs or defects (in text or indicators), please let us know.

3) Fixed that Lord of Vampire arms could be equipped with Chainmail armor.

4) Sets of standard artifacts have been nerfed:
4.1) Fire and Energy sets for 2% damage.
4.2) Order and Chaos sets for 5 magic defence (for Order set 5 necro defence has been removed from the cloak).
4.3) Chest of Chaos will give 5 instead of 10 Vampirism.
4.4) For the Magic Bone set, the price in Reinar's shop has been increased to 100 gods stones, and for the Darkness set - to 120 gs.

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Update 09/11/2023

To Tunic of Pyromancer and Lord of Vampire Chest added an additional 5% damage bonus in the war projection of the world. The bonus is experimental and temporary in nature, and will probably be reduced or canceled later.

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Update 08/19/2023

1) Mages and necromancers can equip two-handed weapons (staff) and receive the same maximum percentage of damage (default 40%) as if they were wearing a shield.
2) Fire set will give 1% less damage bonus and 5 less magic defense (all types).
3) Order and Chaos sets will give 5 less fire resistance and 10 less energy resistance.
4) Divine Platemail set will give 5 points less of protection against magic (of all types).
5) Added 20 armor for Magic Bone set.
6) Flame cloth can be found in treasures, flame cloth requirements for some pyromancer artifacts have been reduced.

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