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Summer Event (22.06.2019)

1) Overseas merchants arrived to Altair. In their land, there has been a crop failure and they are buying up food from local farmers. You can find seeds in all monsters drop. Seeds can be locked down with key on the territory of your house, then the harvest will start to grow. 
You need to check the seedings. Plants need watering, you can buy special barrel for wattering from Provisioner, fill it with water (in any pond) and water the garden. You can level of the water by clicking on the sprouts. You can use any healing potions to get rid from them, such potions have insecticidal properties. 
If you wont follow your garden plants will lose their lives, and you will get less doubloons from overseas merchants for your harvest, or the plant will dry up completely.
Collected harvest you should sell to overseas merchants on Altair, you will get doubloons for that. The quantity of recieved doubloons depends on the demand for products (blueberries will cost more than potatoes) and the value of the variety (widespread, rare or unique). For doubloons from overseas merchants you can bargain the following goods:
- Overseas Merchant's Box, can contain Enchant scrolls, information about deposits, artifacts, also Llama of Witch Hunter which gives 30 protection against all types of magic;
- Hammer of Doom - the most powerful hammer in the game, has a chance to stun the enemy (like the Hammer of the Dwarf King)
- King's of Dead Book - the best book of necromancy on the server;
- Bow of Equality - great bow with a dispel effect on arrow hits.
Parameters of the items above can be changed in the coming year.
You will be able to find seeds in monster drop till an end of the summer. Overseas merchants will stay on Altair until 14th September.
2) Dead ratings are excluded from voting.
3) Set of Ancient Warrior now can be packaged.
4) The restriction on changing the alliance from Order to Chaos and back to Reinar has been removed for the summer.
5) For the summer, the guild penalty for not attending a siege is reduced from 20 to a symbolic 5 points.

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Summer event schedule

The server switched to summer time and the summer schedule of events has been activated. Thus, in the countries where was time transfer the events will take place one hour later, and in countries where this did not happen, the time of the events will not change.

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Update 25.03.2019

1) Blessed Fanatics Belt has been added to the Reinar's store.
2) Apron of Darkness will additionally give 5 armor, 7 strength, agility and intellegence in the war projection of the world (item should not be Blessed).
3) Knight's surcoat, Robe of Forest, Black Robe will additionally give 20 maximum intoxication and 0.2 detoxification in the war projection of the world (item should not be Blessed).
4) Activated ejection from the player's guild, if he entered as the thirteenth member of the guild simultaneously in the game.
5) Fixed that summoning of Zhar-Ptica (Firebird) may often fizzle for the newbies.
6) Fixed that Elemental breastplates and tunics did not add stat bonuses.

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Update 17.03.2019

1) Diamond and Wizardry jewels will give 4 magic force per gem instead of 5. Ring of Guard Post Commandant will give 6 instead of 7.
2) A bonus of 20 energy defence added to Elemental chest and tunics in the war projection of the world.
3) The damage of the Lightning spell is reduced by 4.2%.
4) Only alive players will receive a siege reward within a radius of 50 from the crystal.

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UORPG 9th anniversary!

Congratulations to everyone on the 9th anniversary of the UORPG server! On this occation:
1) Any player can get a month of Premium account free of charge for for one of his characters. The give-away will last till the end of March.
2) Letters began to fall from all monsters . The inscription "" can be exchanged for a valuable gift from the Hrug at the Altair market.
Letters will fall until April 14. Exchange will be possible till the end of April. There is a chance to get a new Midnight Warg from the gifts.
After the end of the event, letters will become inactive or will be deleted.
4) Memory learned books about skills has been cleared so you can use all books again to learn.
5) Reduced a necessary repeat of Slayer rune quests for getting the award.
6) Today at 21:30 by server time a beta version of the Two Strongholds event will be lanched!

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Update 11.03.2019

1) Added missing branches of orders for getting Slayer runes 4 and 5 levels (Elemental, Insect, Animal). Let me remind you that for the first complete set of Slayer runes +5 (8 runes of different types, with or without things), the award is assigned - Reptalon of Winter color.
2) Fixed that pets could not be killed in PvP if the owner was in the safe zone.
3) Fixed bugs with counting the number of guild members in the network.
4) Simplified recipes on the Flame Shroud and the Book of Fire Storm.
5) Flame, Ice, Undead Priest shrouds will give an additional 7 magic force of their magic type in the war projection of the world (shroud should not be blessed).

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Update 07.03.2019

1) The New Year's event has ended. Snow has melted.
2) Some of the cursed logs in the dragon scales items recipes are replaced with holy ingots.

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Update 03.02.2019

1) Until full correction, the guild players limit is disabled and all previously set entry delays are reset.
2) Frozen of Wizardry jewels will give 5.0 Spirit Speak.
3) Mantle of Fanatic Priest in the war projection will give 10.0 Spirit Speak, and Hat of Fanatic will give 5.0 Spirit Speak. Experimental, may change.
4) A small part of the Goblin King items strength bonus are redistributed to combat projection bonuses.
5) Fixed that mobs could open gates in player houses.
6) Fixed several inaccuracies in the system messages.

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Update 02.01.2018

1) The daily vendor orders have been updated. Read about the new Slayer Rune system.
2) Fixed that Death boss and some other mobs could disappear when using movement abilities.

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Competition Winners for December 2018th

War of Alliances, Order: General Gokudo [ODA] lvl. 18 Assassin
War of Alliances, Chaos: Hartge lvl. 17 Mage
Experience from Monsters: Igrok lvl. 20 Archer
Experience from Bosses: Ekklaziast [RA] lvl. 20 Mage
Experience from Harvesting: Bronzebeard lvl. 20 Craftsman
Experience from Crafting: Bronzebeard lvl. 20 Craftsman
Team Tournament Points: Tuzik lvl. 17 Knight
Gods Stones withdrawed: Jinn lvl. 15 Archer
Reinar's Enchant Lottery: Tiranda lvl. 20 Mage
Reinar's Artifacts sell-out: Krabinator lvl. 20 Knight

More info in the "Competitions" section of the site.

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The great PvP items nerf 2018

Major PvP equipment nerf has done. Some PvM bonuses has increased for neutralising the effect on PvM. All changes see on the forum.

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Update 29.12.2018

1) Guild members with at least 50 guild points will need to make a 500k bid to participate in the siege of the capital Event in the peace projection of the world.
2) Snowflakes added to Bosses and treasure guards drop. Bosses will drop snowflakes with 100% chance.
3) Barbarian Llama bonuses were increased. It will give 25 dexterity, life and protection from slashing weapons (Swordsmanship).
4) Animal problems for Renegades were fixed.

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Changes of the King's Hill Event (28.12.2018)

1) Guild that will start or is controlling the Hill will get 2 King of the Hill cloaks (ident with Cloak of Leader)
2) You will no longer get points for holding the Hill.
3) If participating guild will lost the Event, they will loose only their capes.
4) Looser team will give away their 15 guild points to the winner guild.
Main conclusions :
1) If noone is controlling the Hill, you are able to get 2 of the best cloaks for free. If you are not planning to fight with other guild - you loose nothing in this case.
2) Also for this reason there is no sence to cancel other guild challenge, even if the whole guild will be offline.

System is new. Bugs are possible.

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Update 26.12.2018

1) New guild limit system has been added. Now it is possible to play for 12 guild members in the same time, if there will be 13 and more members online at the same time - they will be abandonned from the guild with delay for return. There is no limit for guild members now. System is very complicated, maybe some bugs will come up.
2) Appearance of the boss chance in war proection was decreased.
3) For the 1st place on Hell Fire Event player will recieve 5 Extra Hell Fire Shards (total 10 for winning).
4) Snow from Winter Event is stackable now.

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New rule paragraph has been added on server!


10.1. Selling or giving away your character which is above level 15 has been taxed from now. This kind of transaction will cost you 2000 gods stones as a Tax (5000 for Absolute Characters), e-mail change, and also adding infos about character holder in special server journal is included in price.

10.2 You are able to sell or give away character only if the seller owns e-mail which is bounded to characters account.

10.3 It is forbidden to sell items, gold and gods stones for real money. Also you are not able to give game goods without compensation, which price is more than 30kk gold points. If you still want to share this kind of items with your guild members or ingame friends - it should be previously agreed with the server administration.

10.4 Character that has payed a tax, can be sold or given away with unlimited quantity of game property (items/gold/gods stones).

10.5 Character below level 14 can be sold or given away without agreement of the server administration- as long as total value of items are not higher that 30kk gold points.

10.6 You are able to share your characters with friends or guild members as long as you have access to them, and if you can freely enter your character by requirement of the server administration.

10.7 If you are absent for a long time, or stopped playing - and your character will be used by another person, you should inform server administration. Otherwise access to character can be blocked accoring to first rule paragraph.

10.8 Punishment for breaking the rules - account block. The administration reserves the right to choose the semantic interpretation of paragraphs of the rules and methods of investigations and can apply the punishment without providing any evidence of an offense.

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