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Big summer content update (07/14/2023)


All players need to download the file update and extract it to the game folder.

1) Significant redesign of Fire Dungeon on Fire Island:
1.1) Completely updated region-related loot.
1.2) Added abilities of mobs at level 3rd.
1.3) Updated level 3rd boss and his loot.
1.4) At the third level, you can now open a portal to the Temple of Fire to the fire lord Asmodisaar.
If everything is calculated correctly, this will now be the most difficult boss in the game. It is recommended to collect a good party so that you have a chance of success.
Spoiler! To open the portal to the Temple of Fire, you will need Ball of Augur (dropped with a 100% chance from the True Prophet boss).
Items that give protection from great demons will also help in the Temple of Fire.
1.5) Vendor Mage has simplified the order to get Brazier of Evil (is needed for entering to the Fire Dungeon).
2) Many new items have been introduced:
2.1) Pyromancer set for fire mage.
2.2) Lord of Vampire set, for a vampire, can be tried on other dexers or tanks.
2.3) Many rare thematic artifacts not included in the sets.
2.4) New boss artifacts, including new top robes and shrouds for the fire mage and necromancer. However, it is very difficult to get its.
2.5) The total number of new artifacts and animals exceeds 30 units, I will not disclose the full list and parameters of items in advance, get its and you will know. :)
3) Introduced a new mini-dungeon for passing with a new strong necro Lord Baldura:
3.1) The altar in Dark Citadel will appear tomorrow.
3.2) You will need Stone of Forgotten Power (dropped by Paroxysmus boss).
3.3) And the Obelisk of Darkness is a new dropable item.
3.4) Lord Baldura is very strong, also belongs to the highest - level 3rd bosses and it may not be possible to defeat him with impudence.
3.5) New top artifacts for the necromancer (and not only) can be obtained here.
4) Changed the loot of Guard Post chests:
4.1) One artifact or recipe for new items is always apper in drop.
4.2) Old craftable artifacts such as Flame Shroud or parts of Dragon Scales drop as items, not recipes.
4.3) However, you shouldn't think that you will get a top artifact from each outpost, sometimes it will be an unnecessary piece of Forest.
4.4) Also in the chest drops enchants +5, rare healing potions, a valuable resource deposit may fall out.
4.5) Treasure maps are no longer drop from outposts.
5) A complete restart of recipes is announced, the drop chance of which, relative to demand, was configured unsuccessfully and which have completely or partially depreciated.
5.1) These are all the recipes from the Paroxysmus boss, the Robe of Magic Defense and the recipes for the Dragon Scale part of the armor.
5.2) Instead of them, new recipes drop out that require fewer resources, but drop less often.
5.3) The degree of difference is different, if with Dragon Scale you may not notice the difference with the naked eye, then with Paroxysmus artifacts it is quite significant (both in the chance and in the recipe itself).
5.4) Old recipes can be used until September 30, after which they will be removed from the game by mandatory buying or removal from the world.
5.5) The fate of two more recipes has not yet been decided: Sword of Dragon Hunter and Crossbow of Real Ice. I think that they will not be taken out of the game until the end of the year.
6) Reduced experience gain for discovering a resource deposit, also now the experience depends on whether you can mine the resource or not.
7) Reduced the effect of debuffs on mobs.
8) Changed damage upon death in PvP:
8.1) If an item has 40 or more durability, it breaks for 10 to 20% of its maximum durability.
8.2) This does not apply to Blessed items.
8.3) You cannot break an item immediately if it has more than 10 durability.
8.4) Separate conditions for the breakage of craft items from resources have been cancelled.
9) Loot in the Forbidden City has been redistributed from regular mobs to mini-bosses.
10) In the loot of Lord of Shadows you can now find Talisman of Dark Magic - a battle talisman for the Necromancer class.
11) In the future, is possible a slight reduction in the Fire set and the Pyromancer set (logically related to Fire set). But this will be decided when new items actually appear in the players.

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Summer Event 2023 on UORPG

1) All players can receive a month of Premium and one gift by filling out an application on the forum.
2) Overseas merchants arrived to Altair. In their land, there has been a crop failure and they are buying up food from local farmers. You can find seeds in all monsters drop. Seeds can be locked down with key on the territory of your house, then the harvest will start to grow.
You need to check the seedings. Plants need watering, you can buy special barrel for wattering from Provisioner, fill it with water (in any pond) and water the garden. You can level of the water by clicking on the sprouts. You can use any healing potions to get rid from them, such potions have insecticidal properties.
If you wont follow your garden plants will lose their lives, and you will get less doubloons from overseas merchants for your harvest, or the plant will dry up completely.
Collected harvest you should sell to overseas merchants on Altair, you will get doubloons for that. The quantity of recieved doubloons depends on the demand for products (blueberries will cost more than potatoes) and the value of the variety (widespread, rare or unique). For doubloons from overseas merchants you can bargain the following goods:
— Overseas Merchant's Box, can contain Enchant scrolls, information about deposits, artifacts, as well as Mystic Llama and Overseas Mustang;
—  Hammer of Doom - the most powerful hammer in the game, has a chance to stun the enemy (like the Hammer of the Dwarf King)
—  King's of Dead Book - the best book of necromancy on the server;
—  Bow of Equality - great bow with a dispel effect on arrow hits, bow damage increased up to 70 in the war projection of the world.
You will be able to find seeds in monster drop till an end of the summer. Overseas merchants will stay on Altair until 14th September.
Mystic Llama gives the rider 30 armor, 20 magic defense and 5% monster damage.
Overseas Mustang adds 25 strength and dexterity, 50 Intelligence, 30 Armor and 1 mana regeneration.
3) Mystic Zostrich now gives a bonus of 33 strength and dexterity and 66 intellect.

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PvP Guide (Russian voiceover)

We shot a training video on the server PvP mechanics.
Voiceover only in Russian for now (auto generated English subs can be used):

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Update 05/21/2023

1) A warpack has been added to Reinar's shop in the "Other" section , warpack is a set of consumables for PvP. Depends on the class of the buying character, costs 99 gods stones. Contains 10 Legendary Heal Potions, 30 Ancient Potions each, 2 Elder Mass Dispel Scroll 20 buff potions each, and other consumables sold by Zaira. The Assassin's pack contains 30 Paralyze Poison and 10 Viru Serpent's Poison.
2) You can buy gold from Reinar for 100kk at a time.
3) Gate to Forbidden City scroll can be used for 14 days (was 7 before).
4) A Tiger of a regular color now gives bonuses to parameters like a warg (35/35/70), an additional bonus to protection from magic remains.
5) Fixed a bug related to vendor orders (quests) display on the vendor dialog gump.

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Trading update (05/10/2023)

1) The upper limit of the price of goods of a personal vendor has been increased from 100kk to 1 billion.
2) The vendor now withholds 5% sales tax (applied at the time of purchase).
3) Gold in checks is now unpacked into bags of 10kk. The .check command cleans up those empty bags.
In the future, it is planned to implement payment directly from checks, but this will be done in several stages for security reasons.
4) Fixed a bug that certain bulk item operations were needlessly overloading the packet exchange. For example, buying for a billion in the previous version of the server would lead to an overload of the network buffer and a subsequent crash of the client.
5) For Llama of WInter, an additional 2% bonus to all damage has been added.

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Update 05/06/2023

1) Discord integration with in-game chat is working both ways now.
2) The Begin To Play page on the site has been completely redesigned.
3) Fixed a bug that the Slayer Runes could be counted several times, character Aeva was blocked for malicious use. Since the bug happened even on server load, players who own runes may notice a decrease in damage to mobs.
Added .info_runes command to show your current bonuses from Slayer Runes.
4) Fixed that when restarting a dungeon (instance), the pet left in it was deleted, now it is thrown out of the dungeon to the exit point.

Taking into account the fact that fixing the runes can be frustrating, as well as a hectic day in terms of server reboots, I credited everyone with Premium + for a day.

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Update 05/03/2023

1) The following artifact sets have been slightly nerfed: Order and Fire -2% damage, Energy -1% damage, Chaos - 10 fire and energy magic defence and -5 necromancy defence. Part of the Chest of Chaos strength bonus has been moved to the war projection bonuses.
2) Added .findmypet command to help find lost pet in the world.
3) Fixed that no reward was given for a draw in the Two Towers. Added fame to event rewards.
4) Fixed that the plank of the ship could be thrown inside the house zone when going ashore.
5) Pets can no longer be given to NPCs.
6) There is a final test of updating the server to the latest version of the code (a purely technical issue), if you suddenly notice something strange - report it.
7) Ogre Hrug will continue to exchange letters until May 15th.

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Prolongation of the event and a pause of the gods stone processing in April 20 - 27

It was decided to extend the server birthday event (letters) until the end of April.
In the period from April 20 to April 27, gods stones will not be credited. I'll be on vacation. Donations made on these days will be processed at a later date.

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Update 04/11/2023

1) A checkbox has been added to the game settings to automatically cut the corpses of monsters using a skinning knife. Skinning knife is no longer lost on death.
2) Order set will give 25 less protection against necromancy, Chaos set - 20 less.
3) Fixed Humanoid Slayer runes not working on human NPCs such as fanatics.
4) Round shield in the tournament arena will give 36 armor instead of 26 (effective from March 21).

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UORPG 13th Anniversary

Today, March 14, our server turned 13 years old, I congratulate everyone on the anniversary!
All players can receive a month of Premium and one gift by filling out an application on the forum.
Letters drop from all mobs, the set of "" letters can be exchanged for a gift from the ogre Hrug in the Altair.
From gifts you can get Emerald Warg, 13th Anniversary Mustang, as well as parts of Divine sets
(drops from every gift, Platemail, Chainmail and Ringmail)
Letters will fall until April 14, the exchange will be possible until the end of April. Have a good game!

Divine set bonuses:
- gives armor like Dragon set;
- 12% damage bonus;
- 45 (Platemail) and 35 (Chainmail/Ringmail) magic defence;
- 25 additional armor for Chainmail (new bonus);
- 2 regeneration ofhits, stamina and mana;
- 20 dexterity;
- 2 holy power;
- 10 Healing and Spirit Speak.

The 13th Anniversary Mustang gives the rider 20 Strength and Dexterity, 40 Intelligence and 30 Armor.

P.s. The memory of all skill books has been reset, you can use all knowledge again.

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Update 03/13/2023

1) Added .summonbird command to summon Zhar-Ptica (Firebird) for Premium+ users.
2) The following quest / vendor orders changes have been made:
- 5th and 6th rune of humanoids - improved reward;
- 5 rune of animals - less wolves and furs are required;
- 6 rune of giants - less than Snow Ettin, added Snow Ettin Lord;
- 6 rune of undeads - the requirements of the mobs are more consistent with the respawn;
- the second order of goods from the magician - requires Orc Herb instead of Orc Heal Potion.
3) In treasures of levels 7 and 8 you can now find low-grade artifacts (some of them are very much appreciated), in treasures of level 7 there is a 100% chance to find an artifact.
4) Added a few tips for beginners, I would not advise turning off the hint about inactivated decorations and experienced players, it can help if you accidentally put it on.
​​​​​​5) Several minor fixes.

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Update 02/28/2023

1) Reduced prices for champion shields, now the shield costs 20 championship stone instead of 30. Shields will have 30 maximum durability.
2) Reduced prices for Frozen jewelry and talismans for Badge of Frost (Frozen River Event rewards).
3) Capes of warlords will give a chance of double loot in the the war projection of the world. Cloak of a marshal / lord - 50%, general - 40%, colonel - 30%.

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Update 02/24/2023

1) As an experiment, Elder Mass Dispel Scroll now is not instant, but give effect 3 seconds after activation. Using a scroll knocks down actions, then during the timer you can perform any other actions and it cannot be knocked down (only if you kill a character or steal scrolls).
2) Added 15 armor for Magic Bone Set, 10 armor for Energy Set.
3) Increased the number of chests on the 2nd level of Ice Dungeon.
4) A blue moongate appeared near the siege zone of Maradun in the war projection of the world.
5) Increased the number of Elder Gazers in Shame Level 4.

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Update 02/22/2023

1) Newbie Trader quests in Newbie Dungeon have been completely updated. We thank Ark for the work.
2) The unpaired player on the Two Strongholds Event and the Frozen River Event will be given a consolation prize as the winner.
3) The .mobs list will be sorted in reverse order, new mobs will appear on top.

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Update 02/21/2022

1) Fixed a bug that some mobs and bosses could be lured into places where they received damage, but did not show resistance ("bug with Wywern").
2) The names of the owners of the vendors in the Altair Market will be displayed.
3) The quest for the undead slayer rune level 6 will require less death knights and necromancers, their respawn is accelerated.
4) Increased the Reinar's price for weapon and armor enchant scrolls and Set of Darkness.
5) The character's nickname can contain up to 12 characters.
6) Allowed the player to delete characters who have not reached level 5.

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