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The great PvP items nerf 2018

Major PvP equipment nerf has done. Some PvM bonuses has increased for neutralising the effect on PvM. All changes see on the forum.

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Update 29.12.2018

1) Guild members with at least 50 guild points will need to make a 500k bid to participate in the siege of the capital Event in the peace projection of the world.
2) Snowflakes added to Bosses and treasure guards drop. Bosses will drop snowflakes with 100% chance.
3) Barbarian Llama bonuses were increased. It will give 25 dexterity, life and protection from slashing weapons (Swordsmanship).
4) Animal problems for Renegades were fixed.

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Changes of the King's Hill Event (28.12.2018)

1) Guild that will start or is controlling the Hill will get 2 King of the Hill cloaks (ident with Cloak of Leader)
2) You will no longer get points for holding the Hill.
3) If participating guild will lost the Event, they will loose only their capes.
4) Looser team will give away their 15 guild points to the winner guild.
Main conclusions :
1) If noone is controlling the Hill, you are able to get 2 of the best cloaks for free. If you are not planning to fight with other guild - you loose nothing in this case.
2) Also for this reason there is no sence to cancel other guild challenge, even if the whole guild will be offline.

System is new. Bugs are possible.

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Update 26.12.2018

1) New guild limit system has been added. Now it is possible to play for 12 guild members in the same time, if there will be 13 and more members online at the same time - they will be abandonned from the guild with delay for return. There is no limit for guild members now. System is very complicated, maybe some bugs will come up.
2) Appearance of the boss chance in war proection was decreased.
3) For the 1st place on Hell Fire Event player will recieve 5 Extra Hell Fire Shards (total 10 for winning).
4) Snow from Winter Event is stackable now.

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New rule paragraph has been added on server!


10.1. Selling or giving away your character which is above level 15 has been taxed from now. This kind of transaction will cost you 2000 gods stones as a Tax (5000 for Absolute Characters), e-mail change, and also adding infos about character holder in special server journal is included in price.

10.2 You are able to sell or give away character only if the seller owns e-mail which is bounded to characters account.

10.3 It is forbidden to sell items, gold and gods stones for real money. Also you are not able to give game goods without compensation, which price is more than 30kk gold points. If you still want to share this kind of items with your guild members or ingame friends - it should be previously agreed with the server administration.

10.4 Character that has payed a tax, can be sold or given away with unlimited quantity of game property (items/gold/gods stones).

10.5 Character below level 14 can be sold or given away without agreement of the server administration- as long as total value of items are not higher that 30kk gold points.

10.6 You are able to share your characters with friends or guild members as long as you have access to them, and if you can freely enter your character by requirement of the server administration.

10.7 If you are absent for a long time, or stopped playing - and your character will be used by another person, you should inform server administration. Otherwise access to character can be blocked accoring to first rule paragraph.

10.8 Punishment for breaking the rules - account block. The administration reserves the right to choose the semantic interpretation of paragraphs of the rules and methods of investigations and can apply the punishment without providing any evidence of an offense.

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Happy New Year 2019!

Ded Moroz (Russian Santa) has arrived to Altair. He is located in the middle of the Altair near the Christmas Tree.
All of the monsters has chance to drop Snowflakes. You can exchange them for gifts talking to Ded Moroz:
- New Year's cap (+50 Max HP);
- New Year's Llama, which gives 25 Str, 25 Dexterity, 25 Max HP, 7 Magic Force and 3 Holy Force;
- Present, where you can find Snow Armor parts and other valuables;
- Snow Wolf (extremely rare drop) with new color;
Full Snow Armor gives stat bonuses as Elemental, +50 Fire defence, +8% and additional defence bonus (as Inferno).
Snowflakes will drop from monsters till 24 January, you will be able to exchange them to gifts till 10 February. Unused snow will melt.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

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Hellfire Event released, Chameleon Shroud

1) New item - Blessed Chameleon Shroud has been added to Zaira:
- by equipping Blessed Chameleon Shroud, it will be relocored to your Cloak color;
- does not mutate to tunic;
- uses 144 blessed slots, repair costs same as by the Shroud of Desintoxication
- adds 30 armor, 10 magic power, 20 magic protection, 20 dexterity and 10% bonus damage to monsters;
- shourd costs 500 Hellfire Shardse, which you able to get taking part in the Hellfire event.
(as this item is new, it parameters can be changed)
2) The Hellfire event has been added to the schedule and will automatically start on every Thursday at 19:00(server time).
3) Hellfire testing period is over, you wont get gods stones for taking part in it.

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Update 09.12.2018

1) Hiding skill is Archer's class skill from now, it can be raised up to 170.0%. Characters who bought skill pack from Reinar will get 170.0% Hiding skill. Additional Hiding speed skill ability bonus was decreased.
2) Overdam system (Total Damage) was changed. Total damage reset speed was increased:
-up to 1.5 times if there are 2 targets;
-up to 16.7% if there are 3 targets.
3) You are able to complete daily orders (quests):
- from midnight of the next day, if the order were made between 0:00 and 5:00(server time);
- from 5:00 of the next day, if the order were made after 5:00.
4) Daily quests on Sand Vortex requies you to kill 10 monsters instead of 25. THE NEW SYSTEM OF DAYLY QUESTS AND THE SLAYER RUNES.
5) The healing power of the next Healing Potions were decreased: Ultimate to 115, Ancient to 125 and Legendary to 140 health points.
Blood usage will give 34.7 intoxication instead 31.5
6) Ammount of respawning monsters on Fire Island was increased to 3 times, respawn speed is 2 times higher.
7) Armor count of Shields for Championship stones was increased from 30 to 50 (increased Valimar's shield), Inquisitor's shields protection from magic were increasrd from 35 to 40.
8) Dragon Hunter's sword damage was increased from 80 to 90 in war proection.
9) Winter Armor armor count were decreased to 10 for gloves, leggings and shield.
10) Forbidden City Gate scroll drop from level 8th treasure map were increased. 
11) Do not forget about the confiscation of the property !

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Great Cleaning on 19 December 2018

Great Cleaning will be held on 19 December 2018 on our server:
- Unpayed houses will be deleted. 
- Next Accounts will be deleted:
Accounts which did not finished registration process,
Level 0 characters which did not entered the game during 50 days,
Any non active characters which did not enter the game longer than 183 days.

There is possibility to restore your deleted character or account.

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Treasure maps upgrade (06.12.2018)

1) Treasure chest drop from low level maps was improved.
2) You are able to acquire treasure maps from Slayer Rune daily quests.

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New daily quest system and the Slayer Runes

Update from 04.12.2018:
1) Monsters slayed in ear protection will be counted as x2.
2) Experience gained on daily quests will be

Main News:
1) All NPC types are divided in 8 groups: undeads, dragons, daemons, humaoids, giants, elementals, insects, animals.
Humans were not divided in any of these groups. Someday maybe they will be added to Humanoid section. There are some individual NPC's (not much), which are not included in any group - such as Paroxysmus and Prophet.
2) 8 new quest lines were added, by one line for each NPC group. Each quest line consists from 10 daily quests. You can find NPC vendors who will offer you to start a quest line in main cities (you will see an extra mark beside NPC's nickname)
3) To complete the task - besides bringing resources you will need to kill some monsters. Statistics reset each day on 5:00am (server time) and can be viewed using .mobs command.
4) Besides simple rewards, you will be able to get Slayer Runes by completing the tasks. Slayer Runes can be added in your equipment (instead jewlery), also Blessed items can be enchanted. Probably Reinar will add service that will allow you to pull out enchanted rune from your equipment - approximately for 10 gods stones. These kind of improvements will give you percentage bonus to damage to appropriate monter group. Bonus can be raised from +1 to +10 for each equipment part. All equiped items with enchanted runes will be summed up to damage bonus.
5) As higher your Slayer Rune is - as harder given quest will be. For example, to obtain +1 Slayer Rune - you need to complete daily quest five times in a row, and for getting +2 Rune - ten quests.

This system is giving a chance for Players to get infinite damage pumping on monsters. Just because of high level Slayer Runes will be hard to get, and there are 8 groups of monsters, also you are able to enchant all of your equipment (instead jewlery). This is fresh System on our server and were made for all of players, low level players will be able to get more damage to monsters completing these tasks, and high level players will have an incentive to farm monsters and get more stronger.

We are giving away Free Premium Account up to 14th december! Enjoy the game on UORPG!

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Competition Winners for November 2018th

War of Alliances, Order: General Gokudo [ODA] lvl. 20 Assassin
War of Alliances, Chaos: General Igrok lvl. 20 Archer
Experience from Monsters: Igrok lvl. 20 Archer
Experience from Bosses: Igrok lvl. 20 Archer
Experience from Harvesting: Blackghost lvl. 20 Craftsman
Experience from Crafting: Kotoff [cRAft] lvl. 20 Craftsman
Team Tournament Points: Kerrygan [GEMOROJ] lvl. 20 Assassin
Gods Stones withdrawed: Ypypy lvl. 13 Knight
Reinar's Enchant Lottery: Damned [VnD] lvl. 20 Vampire
Reinar's Artifacts sell-out: Ratger [RA] lvl. 20 Knight, character Thefool has been blocked for the bug usage

More info in the "Competitions" section of the site.

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New Season 2018/2019

1) Autumn event has just began. There is a chance to spawn mini boss - Inferno Terror, after killing any mob. It's drop contains parts from Inferno set, Mustang of Dawn or other valuable prizes.
2) Any player can get one month of Premium account for free for one character. Details on forum.
3) Reinar offers 50% deal for lots of goods in his store.
4) Testing of auto event - Two Strongholds is preparing.

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Update 08.11.2018

1) Drum of War now can be dropped by any mob in the war projection of the world.
2) Sixth rating has been returned to the vote list.
3) Fire Drake has changed to Gray Drake in the renegades guard list.

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Competition Winners for October 2018

War of Alliances, Order: Captain Vijokonta lvl. 20 Craftsman
War of Alliances, Chaos: General Elli [RA] lvl. 20 Archer
Experience from Monsters: Ekklaziast [RA] lvl. 20 Mage
Experience from Bosses: Ekklaziast [RA] lvl. 20 Mage
Experience from Harvesting: Kotoff [cRAft] lvl. 19 Craftsman
Experience from Crafting: Kotoff [cRAft] lvl. 20 Craftsman
Team Tournament Points: Willywonka [VnD] lvl. 13 Mage
Gods Stones withdrawed: Jawbreaker  lvl. 20 Vampire
Reinar's Enchant Lottery: Toi [RAQ] lvl. 19 Assassin
Reinar's Artifacts sell-out: Igrok lvl. 20 Archer

More info in the "Competitions" section of the site.

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