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New fences and the siege update (18.11.2022)

Updated game files. All players need to download the update and extract it to the game folder.
The update will reset the patches on art.mul (hemp, cubes, etc.), you can reinstall the patch from here. Gumps and Verdata will not be affected by the update.
1) Added a large number of new types of fences (more than 10), including metal, stone-metal, wood and wood with stone. They are available for crafting through the Blacksmith and Carpentry menus. Some parts of the fence require stone, as a reminder, low-grade metal can be exchanged for stone at Stonemason in the large mine of Minoc.
A significant part of the classic fences have changed colors, but the fences already created in the game will retain the old shade.
2) Updated the siege battlefield in Rheos to make the battle more interesting. Before you go there, you MUST update the files, otherwise you will get stuck and become easy prey for enemies.
Thanks to Max for preparing the file updates and the new fences.

P.s. Happy Holidays to Latvians. :)

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Update 11/16/2022

1) Jewelry with lower level gems will give more magic defence, for example, Emerald and Ruby wil give 11 instead of 10. Diamond, Star sapphire and Ancient jewelry did not change.
2) Healing an ally will take away Total Damage points equal to 100% of HP healed if a paladin is healing, and 200% of HP healed if another class is healing. Previously took 150% as the paladin's bonus wasn't working correctly.
3) When chopping Willow, Cedar, Oak, and Redwood, more logs will be cut per blow of a hatchet.
4) Voting for server gump has been updated.

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Video and Screenshot Contest, Fall-Winter 2022

A contest is announced for the most interesting and useful UORPG video, as well as (at the same time), a screenshot contest.
Videos uploaded to the YouTube channel of the server from 09/01/2022 to 12/31/2022 take part in the competition.
If you do not have access to the YouTube channel, you can upload the video through the Crazy Sparrow, Omega and Filat players.
Screenshots can be posted on the forum or sent to Screenshots must be in .png and .jpg format without quality loss.
Video prizes: 1st place - 10000 gods stones, 2nd place - 8000 gods stones, 3rd place - 5000 gods stones.
Prizes for screenshots: 1st place - 2000 gods stones, 2nd place - 1500 gods stones, 3rd place - 1000 gods stones.
I choose the winners personally, according to my subjective opinion. Those media that can be used in advertising or useful to players have a clear preference. The results of the competition will be summed up in January 2023.

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Winter schedule of events

1) The server switched to winter time and the winter schedule of events has been activated. Thus, in the countries where was time transfer the events will take place one hour earlier, and in countries where this did not happen, the time of the events will not change.
2) Updated recipe for Magic Elemental Jeweler Tools.

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New Season 2022/2023

1) Autumn event has just began. There is a chance to spawn mini boss - Inferno Terror, after killing any mob. It's drop contains parts from the new Fury sets, Mustang of Dawn or other valuable prizes.
Fury Platemail set gives 14% damage bonus, 14 energy defense, 40 dexterity, 4 hits & mana regen, and 0.4 desintoxication.
Fury Chainmail & Ringmail sets provide 14% damage bonus, 14 energy defense, 33 dexterity, 3 hits & mana regen, and 0.3 desintoxication.
2) Any player can get one month of Premium account for free for one character. Details on forum.
3) Reinar's prices of buying artifacts and decorations have been reduced (needed to combat inflation of gold).
On October 16, the game files were updated. You need to download the update and unpack it into the Ultima folder. Only map and static files have been replaced, PvP patches will not be lost.
5) The Orc camp above Maradun and the Insurgents capital of Reos have been rebuilt for the siege of capitals event. A test launch of the siege in the new location is planned for this (Friday) evening. After the run-in, the siege of the capitals is planned to be carried out in both locations (old and new) according to the alternation.
6) A new type of mount has appeared in the world. The first person to get this and contact me will receive a special prize - 500 gods stones.
7) Significantly improved bonuses of Elemental sets.
Elemental Platemail set gives 8% damage bonus, 40 magic defense, and 25 bonus armor.
Elemental Chainmail & Ringmail sets grant 8% damage bonus, 32 magic defense, and 15 armor.
8) Ore veins up to Elemental and wood up to Mysterious can now be harvested in a peace world projection without a Premium Account.

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Game files update 10/16/2022

Updated game files. You need to download the update and unpack it into the Ultima folder. Only map and static files have been replaced, PvP patches will not be lost.
As part of the update, the area around the northern gate of Rheos (the capital of the Insurgents) was rebuilt, as well as the fort above Maradun, the capital of the Army of Darkness. In this zone, soon (if everything goes according to plan, that first launch will take place this evening) there will be an event - the siege of the capital.

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Update 10/15/2022

1) Tomorrow, this Sunday at 19:50 server time, the Two Strongholds event will take place. Also this evening the prizes for the winners of the Team Tournament will be increased. More details - in a separate topic on the forum.
2) Mithril sets will give an additional 20 dexterity.
3) Added debug of one of Na-Gri Scorpion Queen's abilities. Please let me know when she gets stuck underground again.

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09/17/2022 - 10/01/2022 gods stones will not be added

I'll be on vacation. Donations made during this period will be processed at a later date.

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Update 08/05/2022

1) Diamond jewels, Talisman of Paroxysmus and championship stones have been added to Reinar's shop.
2) The price of creating Blessed items in gold has been increased by about 40%.
3) Creating and repairing Blessed items using gods stones has become much more profitable.
4) All types of Legendary sets will give 40 (instead of 30) magic defence.
5) New Winter artifacts will have 30 durability (instead of 60). Items that already exist in the world have not been changed.
6) Improved some unpopular sets from common artifacts: Chaos and Forest sets +20 dexterity each, and Fire, Energy and Magic Bone sets -+20 armor each.
7) Warning! In September, it is planned to revise in favor of lowering the price for selling artifacts and decoration to Reinar. In August, you can still sell stocks at the old prices.
8) The promotion for the distribution of free Premium Account has been extended until the end of summer.

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Update 07/28/2022

1) Fixed a bug that by the invitation to the Siege, the player could leave Arena For Fun without removing the FFA combat mode.
2) Will be impossible to jump on the posts on the Frozen River event.
3) Fixed a bug due to which in the past there were errors in the monthly competitions results on the site (in the game the results had been counted correctly).

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Update 07/24/2022

1) Added a warning for 30 and 10 seconds before the world save.
2) Added display setting - do not apply the color of the guild to a cloak.

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Changes of healing an ally (PvP, 06/22/2022)

Healing an ally will take away Total Damage points equal to 75% of healed HP if a healer is Paladin, and 150% of healted HP if the healer have another class.

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Summer Event 2022 on UORPG

1) All players can receive a month of Premium and one gift by filling out an application on the forum.
2) Overseas merchants arrived to Altair. In their land, there has been a crop failure and they are buying up food from local farmers. You can find seeds in all monsters drop. Seeds can be locked down with key on the territory of your house, then the harvest will start to grow.
You need to check the seedings. Plants need watering, you can buy special barrel for wattering from Provisioner, fill it with water (in any pond) and water the garden. You can level of the water by clicking on the sprouts. You can use any healing potions to get rid from them, such potions have insecticidal properties.
If you wont follow your garden plants will lose their lives, and you will get less doubloons from overseas merchants for your harvest, or the plant will dry up completely.
Collected harvest you should sell to overseas merchants on Altair, you will get doubloons for that. The quantity of recieved doubloons depends on the demand for products (blueberries will cost more than potatoes) and the value of the variety (widespread, rare or unique). For doubloons from overseas merchants you can bargain the following goods:
— Overseas Merchant's Box, can contain Enchant scrolls, information about deposits, artifacts, as well as overseas horses and mustangs (a new type of mount);
—  Hammer of Doom - the most powerful hammer in the game, has a chance to stun the enemy (like the Hammer of the Dwarf King)
—  King's of Dead Book - the best book of necromancy on the server;
—  Bow of Equality - great bow with a dispel effect on arrow hits, bow damage increased (up to 68 in the war and 65 in the peace projection of the world)
You will be able to find seeds in monster drop till an end of the summer. Overseas merchants will stay on Altair until 14th September.
2) Wywern's loot has been updated, now you can drop Dragon Talisman and dragon scales from it.
3) Serpent's Talisman will give 10 energy protection instead of fire protection (due to the introduction of Dragon Talisman).
4) Robe of Basilisk in combat projection (not Blessed) will give 400 max intoxication and 0.5 detox (was 300 and 0.3).

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Client files update

Updated game files. All players need to download the update and unzip it to the game folder. Without new files, you will not see new mobs from the next updates. Attention - replacing files will erase the PvP client patches, they will need to be reinstalled.

1) Ore veins (rocks) will be highlighted via Ctrl+Shift (new files needed).
2) Recipes for the Volcanic Sword and the Symbol of Goblins Overlord can be now found in the level 8th treasuries.
3) Frozen Dragon loot has been updated.
4) Some small bugs have been fixed.

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Summer schedule of events

The server switched to summer time and the summer schedule of events has been activated. Thus, in the countries where was time transfer the events will take place one hour later, and in countries where this did not happen, the time of the events will not change.

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