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Update 12.10.2018

1) There is a chance that a Boss will spawn in War Proection by himself, and all of the players will be informed about it. Pay attention that not all Bosses will spawn in their regular location (region of the spawn location will be detailed in system message)
2) Old design of Siege of the Capital is back. Elder Guards are located in the middle of the central cities, and you will be able to get event reward in the city aswell. Simple guard attack damage rate has been increased to 50%-70% (you are able to meet guards with old damage rate)
3) Guard Posts of Renegades will be protected with intensified power. They will attack everyone - Renegades also.
4) Concept of the Capital Siege in Peace Proection was changed. It's not availible to wear intems that used to require PVPBID. The point of this change - is to add interest for a new players.
5) Arftifact bonuses in war proection were reviewed, and decreased. Also Valimar shield was reviewed too.
6) Antiparalyze penalty bonus was disabled (Paralyze Protection Shroud, Black Steel, Blue Steel).
7) Damage Penalty bonus was decreased from 7% to 4% for Elemental/Mysterious items.
8) Penetration penalty bonus for Axes was increased from 5% to 10%.
9) The restriction of using items in house was reviewed, now its active only when you were getting damage for the last 15 seconds. Any harm option for the last 15 second will not give an opportunity to open doors/chests.
10) If you were disconnected from Event during registration, you wont be displayed in the statistics , also you will be able to Enter the Event again.
11) Renegade guild will get 7 guild cloaks instead of 6. Aliance guild get only 5 cloaks.
12) Artefact of Force pull ability range is increased from 5 to 8 tiles.
13) The Death boss will not dissapear during the fight anymore.
14) Robe of Team Tournament is giving +10% monster damage now.

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Update 25.09.2018

1) Animals-leaders can no longer be tamed. Already tamed ones have been fled back into the forest.
2) Water barrels will put in the players backpack, when it has been emptied on the ground.
3) New bonuses have been added to the tunics from the sets of Forest, Night Hunter (+20 Agility), Fire, Energy, Magic Bone (+10 to a magic force of the primary element).

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Update 12.09.2018

Damage penalty bonuses were removed from all Talismans. Talisman of Paroxysmus gives 10 armor rate more, also it gives +5 resist to all magic forces in war projection.

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Update 09.09.2018

1) Player gardens will no longer be active from 00:00 till 6:00am, so players should not worry if their plantings.
2) Hellfire boss movement speed increased.
3) Some bugs were fixed.

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Update 08.09.2018

1) Overseas merchants have reduced their prices. Overseas Merchant's Box costs 800 doubloons now,
and one of the valuable artifacts - 9000 doubloons.
2) Robe of Team Tournament Winner adds 5% bonus damage to all monsters.
3) Rule 2.10 was formally updated.

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Competition Winners for August 2018

War of alliances, Order: General Ratger [RA] lvl. 20 Knight
War of alliances, Chaos: General Bertiebott [DC] lvl. 20 Mage
Gaining experience: Ekklaziast [RA] lvl. 20 Mage
Boss killing: Magicpussy [RAQ] lvl. 20 Mage
Resource harvesting: Relax [cRAft] lvl. 20 Craftsman
Crafting items: Relax [cRAft] lvl. 20 Craftsman
Team Tournament: Ratger [RA] lvl. 20 Knight
Gods Stones obtained: Jawbreaker lvl. 20 Vampire
Reinar's Enchant Lottery: Flow [RAQ] lvl. 20 Mage
Rarities delivery to Reinar: Flow [RAQ] lvl. 20 Mage

More info in the "Competitions" section of the site.

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Fixes of August 28th

1) Bug with the crop removing from plant was fixed. Now you can gather crop normally.
2) The capacy of Barrel was increased.
3) PvP Verdata wont hide your plants when they grow.
4) Market and Active Players pages will display 100 entries instead of 50.
5) Some small bugs were fixed on website.

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New website & Event

1) New website has been opened. Completely new designed and made specially for UORPG on a powerful modern engine. Almost all of the texts and articles were updated and aligned with the current situation on the server (in the artifact section, bonuses for combat projection are still not displayed). In the development of the site were involved about 10 people: designer, front-end web developer, several programmers, content editors, testers, interpreters. We especially thank to Vikky, who translated the most of the articles absolutely free of charge to English. Main part of the original texts on Russian are written or verified by me personally (Wap).
Pay attention on MEDIA, - this is completely new section - where you are able to watch videos and screenshots from gameplay.

2) Any player can get free Premium account for a month for one of their characters. This action will last till the end of September. More infos: here.

3) Overseas merchants arrived to Altair. In their land, there has been a crop failure and they are buying up food from local farmers. You can find seeds in all monsters drop. Seeds can be locked down with key on the territory of your house, then the harvest will start to grow. 
You need to check the seedings. Plants need watering, you can buy special barrel for wattering from Provisioner, fill it with water (in any pond) and water the garden. You can level of the water by clicking on the sprouts. You can use any healing potions to get rid from them, such potions have insecticidal properties. 
If you wont follow your garden plants will lose their lives, and you will get less doubloons from overseas merchants for your harvest, or the plant will dry up completely.
Collected harvest you should sell to overseas merchants on Altair, you will get doubloons for that. The quantity of recieved doubloons depends on the demand for products (blueberries will cost more than potatoes) and the value of the variety (widespread, rare or unique). For doubloons from overseas merchants you can bargain the following goods:
- Overseas Merchant's Box, can contain Enchant scrolls, information about deposits, artifacts, also Llama of Witch Hunter which gives 30 protection against all types of magic;
- Hammer of Doom - the most powerful hammer in the game, has a chance to stun the enemy (like the Hammer of the Dwarf King)
- King's of Dead Book - the best book of necromancy on the server;
- Bow of Equality - great bow with a dispel effect on arrow hits.
Parameters of the items above can be changed in the coming year.
You will be able to find seeds in monster drop till 25 September. Overseas merchants will stay on Altair until 14 October.

4) For providing assistance to server during last and a half years player Vikky was awarded with unique Shroud, cloack and mount.

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Nerfing of the top artifacts in the war projection

1) The following artifacts in combat projection were cut:

  • Hat of Fantatic: bonus to penalty 2% instead of 3%;
  • Mantle of Fanatic Priest: bonus to penalty of 3% instead of 5%;
  • Armor of Ancient Warrior: bonus to penalty of 3% instead of 5%;
  •  Arms of Ancient Warrior: will not give 20 armor;
  • Legs of Ancient Warrior: bonus to penalty 2% instead of 3%;
  • Dragon Scale Chest: 3% penalty bonus instead of 5%;
  • Dragon Scale Legs: bonus to penalty 2% instead of 3%;
  • Goblin King's Armor: will not give 30 armor
  •  Goblin King's Helm: will not give 20 armor.

2) Improved King's of Dwarves hammer - removed modifier -4% of the maximum penalty kick.

Competition Winners for June

War of Alliances, Order: Colonel Rankuenkw [RAQ] ур. 20 Necromancer
War of Alliances, Chaos: General Rocknrolla [13] ур. 20 Knight
Experience from Monsters: Soulkeeper [Vacuum] ур. 20 Craftsman
Experience from Bosses: Chicago [13] ур. 20 Vampire
Experience from Harvesting: Kotoff [cRAft] ур. 19 Craftsman
Experience from Crafting: Pokabydke ур. 20 Craftsman
Team Tournament Points: Malishka ур. 13 Assassin
Gods Stones withdrawed: Jealous ур. 20 Assassin
Reinar's Enchant Lottery: Zxcvbm ур. 19 Necromancer
Reinar's Artifacts sell-out: Scellio [13] ур. 20 Vampire

More info in the "Competitions" section of the site.

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Some fixes

1) Artifact crafting (weapon and armor) gives 100.000 experience.
2) You are able to create guild only in Altair.
3) Damage bonuses added in .combatinfo.

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Event updates

1) Improved distribution of teams at events.
2) All guilds, regardless of orientation, will have 12 slots.
3) For not visiting the siege, the guild rating will not fall below zero (but experience will be taken away).
4) For the summer, the salary for a private seller is reduced to 100,000 gold for 10 days.
5) Technical changes in the tournament engine, which led yesterday to the bugs in the Team Tour, loaded the latest fixes.

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