Getting Started


So, you have decided to play on UORPG server, but dont know the world and its subtleties at all. Assuming that you are familiar with the Ultima Online universe and you were often thinking about epic journeys and treasures, tournaments and dragons. In front of you is a unique and at the same time classic world that you have become so fond of for more than 20 years of the game's history. Thank you for choosing UORPG server!

In the "About the project" section you can learn about the basic principles and basic features of the server. More detailed information about Shard can be found in the "Information" section, here you will find descriptions of skills, magicresource harvesting, combat system, items, information about the features of the server (we recommend you to read about peace and war projections, Premium Account, item enchanting) and much more.

To communicate with in the community, we use the Forum, and the Discord Chat as well, which is game-integrated.

Game client installation

To play on our server you need a full distribution of Ultima Online with our modifications.

Standard UO client installation:
1) Download the game distribution.
2) Unzip it.
3) Enter the game through the file client_X.exe, where X is the desired resolution of the game window.

Installing the Orion client (the client is MUCH more modern, has unlimited fps and screen size, powerful built-in assist):
1) Download the game distribution and unzip it.
2) Download OrionUO.
3) Watch the video on installing and configuring Orion for the UORPG server (below).
3.1) About the translation of the voiceover of the video, see chapter below.
4) Do not confuse! Address, port:,2593

Your account on the server will be created automatically when you enter any account name that was not previously registered. The password that you enter the first time you log in to the game will be saved as your permanent password, so remember or write down it. You can download useful programs for the player, such as the FPS patcher, UO Steam, EasyUO, etc. in the "Files" section.

Video Language

All introduce videos below are voiced in Russian. An English translation will be available later, we are working on it. In the meantime, you can use the YouTube subtitle translation feature.

To do this, click settings and turn on subtitles. They are created automatically in the current language.

By including subtitles, we have the opportunity to translate them into the language we need.

Select the language you need, and the subtitles will be automatically translated.

Character creation

By running the client and creating an account (remember, you just need to enter the login name that does not exist yet and the password you invented), you need to click on the "UORPG II" server, then on the phrase "Create Character". Familiar with Ultima Online, users can pay attention to the fact that this phrase will be written for the place of the already created character, yes, it is on it that you need to double click. The standard character creation menu is disabled, normally you should not get into it, the character is created through the custom system into the game.

Once in the character creation menu, the first thing you will be asked to choose the language and nickname in the game. The names on our server are unique, they can only contain English characters, only the first letter will be capitalized.

Next, you will need to select the faction and the class, after which the character teleports to the Newbie Dungeon. 

The renegades can not be initially chosen, you can join renegades through the Reinar merchant menu. After talking with him, you can use the services for Gods Stones, change the faction, name, gender, you can create Blessed items there as well. Reinar is located in Altair, to the right of the central square, in front of the market.

As you know, on the classic servers Ultima Online character development is limited to the maximum amounts of skills and stats that the hero can have, the so-called skillcap and statcap. There is NO such thing on UORPG server.

The selected class sets the development model, and for each level reached, the maxima of skills and stats will be raised.

We striclty recommend you to bind the in-game account to an email (button on the right), which will facilitate the restoration of access to it in case of password loss, and will serve as the best proof that the account belongs to you.


The first steps in the new world ... So you appeared :)  First of all open the Paperdoll, open the Help tab and study it from "A" to "Z". The status of the character is your file! Next, we expose the configuration of the keys. Remember: for your friends there is a Referal system with very interesting conditions. Do not forget to vote for the server and get experience and gold for it!

You can use ready-made configs, and see how to do it in the video below!

If you are stuck in-game, use the option "I'm lost / stuck". It's also a free teleport to Altair in 2 minutes (you can cancel it with the same button). 
There is only one condition of the teleport - you must be on the mainland, teleportation from the islands is possible only as a sign (by the ghost). 
Another very important point: leaving the game outside the mainland zone (on the islands), your character does disconnect from the game world, but remains in it until you enter and go to the mainland.

Even from the zero level, it is recommended to attend evening events every day (except for championships, the Gladiator Arena and of course the Outposts). For example, in the Team Tournament in just a few minutes you can earn a lot of experience, money and a chic robe in addition. More details about the events you can find in the relevant article. There are also monthly competitions, it is also useful to know about them.

In the "Giveways" section you can learn about the ways to get free Premium, small amounts of money for development,  return of the lost body that was lost in dungeon with all items, and other pleasant bonuses.

Сharacter development and leveling

As you know, on the classic servers Ultima Online character development is limited to the maximum amounts of skills and stats that the hero can have, the so-called skillcap and statcap. There is no such on UORPG server.

The selected class sets the development model, and for each level reached, the maxima of skills and stats will be raised. To raise the level - it is necessary to earn experience. Experience can be obtained by killing monsters, carrying out orders, completing quests, attending events, finding resource deposits, crafting things.
The maximum skill can be raised by using it, the higher the skill value is - the less it growths. Combat skills, including magic, grow solely in combat with monsters!

After creation, the character appears in the Newbie Dungeon. The place where you have to make the first steps in hunting.  The ladder leads up to the city, in the other direction is a dungeon filled with monsters. If you went out into the city, you can go back through the orange portal or the Newbie Guide.

In the threshold of the newbie dungeon there is a seller - Newbie Trader. He can buy essential goods, sell trophies, and also take quests. Quests - a very beneficial addition to the game, do not ignore them!

Walking along the path inside the dungeon, you will meet the rats and spiders. Killing a rat, you will be offered to cut the skin with a knife from it. Some additional trophies obtained in this way are very valuable, for example, indispensable for boiling Shrink potions of bat wings (only ordinary wings, not small ones, are suitable for this task).

It is recomended to level up your character in newbie dungeon at least to level 5. In the dungeon, there are orcs. goblins, ratmans and lizardmans. Behind the tombs there are  undeads, by killing them - there is a chance to summon a revanchist of a tuned lich that will lead the undead armies to attack the rest of the dungeon. The very distant cave is swamped,  there can be dropped Complain Note from monsters, you can call on the leader's altar of the lizardmen, the novice dungeon boss. The newbie Dungeon is connected to many other low-altitude locations: Covetous, Despise, the BOG. It should be noted that in these locations are no longer particularly friendly to beginners rules of death - you will become a ghost and will have to return their things by yourself. 

Even more useful information is presented below in the video format.

After reaching the 5th level it makes sense to start slowly studying the world. However, there is no big meaning in active traveling around the world before reaching the 8th level. From the 8th level, you will no longer be allowed to enter the Newbie Dungeon and you will have to find other places for hunting. It can be the first level of Ice Dungeon, the first level of the South Temple of Necromancy (it's the third level of Covetous), the third level of Despise and other places. You can read the article "World" to make a more conscious choice.

We wish you a pleasant and interesting development of the UORPG server!